Services , Recreation and General Information
Knightsen is an Unincorporated Town in Contra Costa County, California. The
Population is 1,226. The Community covers fourteen square miles, is bordered on
two sides by the California Delta. The area is mostly farming and ranchette type
homes. There are three private Marinas with permanent docks. Knightsen has
access to over 1,000 miles of The Delta Waterways. Boating, fishing and water
skiing are very popular from our Marinas. Knightsens neighbors are the City of
Brentwood, City of Oakley, The Community of Byron, The Town of Discovery Bay,
Bethel Island, and the San Jaoquin County Line. Another very popular activity in
Knightsen is Equestrianship. There are several private boarding stables and arenas
for the large amount of horses that reside here. Some say we have more horses
than people (last count was 900). Knightsens small private airport provides for
Ultra lite enthusiasts. Railroad enthusiasts come from all around to see our two
historic cabooses. The BNSF railway runs through Knightsen with our shipping
depot handling mainly steel products. The East Contra Costa Historical Society
located just south of Town displays items from East Contra Costa areas past.
Knightsen's Burlington Northern Caboose is located there. Our small Community
Park next to the School shows off our other now historical Santa Fe Railway
Caboose. The School opens it's swimming pool to the public in summer months. The
Community pool is also home to The Knightsen Aqua Knights Swim Team. East
Diablo Pony League Baseball plays several games in summer months at the School
Ballfield. Knightsen boasts the Oldest 4H Club in the entire State of California.
Knightsen remains to keep a paid on call Fire Station. Knightsen Firestation is one
of the highest rated in its class. A small water system feeds the local downtown,
the rest of the homes are on private wells. Mainly ranchettes and farms with no
housing tracts yet keep Knightsen in high demand for new families looking to settle
in a rural atmosphere. The Knightsen School District (364 Children) provides an
unpresidented small community education that is highly sought after. The School
District , kindergarden through eigth grade continues to keep a waiting list from
families outside the district wanting to transfer thier children in. The Contra
Costa Sheriffs Department provides law enforcement for the community and
waterways. The Coast Guard patrols the delta waterways along with the Sheriffs
Marine Boat Patrol Units. The Department of Fish and Game are often seen here
protecting our wildlife. The California Highway Patrol enforces the traffic laws in
Knightsen. Knightsen is serviced by the East Bay Regional Parks District allowing
for it's residents to enjoy the widest variety of recreaction.