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est. 1898

Knightsen Town Advisory Council   
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The Knightsen Town Advisory Council was formed in lieu of the Town's Community Council. By forming a MAC or municipal advisory council (in our case TAC town advisory council) the towns voice is heard legally through the Contra Costa Board of Supervisors. Due to the number of small communities in far east Contra Costa County, the masive growth, and the desire of  Knightsen to remain Knightsen, the Contra Costa District V Supervisor and the Board of Supervisors voted a Board Order to create KTAC. A Town Advisory Council was chosen as Knightsen wants its character to remain in this small rural community.

Council History
The Community Council formed in the early 1990's was created to help Knightsen retain it's identity as urban sprawl began to creep up to us. In the mid 1990's a more powerful voice was wanted by the towns people. Knightsen met the criteria of a Municipal Advisory Council as described by the California League of Cities and after many hours of work, several meetings, a vast amount of paperwork Knightsen was honored with a MAC status. Today the Town Council continues to work hard for it's community. KTAC is committed to support the newly formed  Knightsen Service District recently voted in by the residents.



The councilpersons in office are;
Seth Cockrell, Chairman
Alvin J. Simas Jr.
Linda Weekes
Thomas Jepsen
Janice K Lindgren Sec-Tres

Alternate Councilpersons
Open Seat...
John A. Gonzales



Meetings are every fourth Tuesday of each Month. Meetings are held at the Knightsen School Room #24 ( off of North Eden Plains Rd.)  7:30 pm to 10:00 pm 1926 Delta Road , Knightsen Ca.

Knightsen's Mailing Address is KTAC, Knightsen Town Advisory Council
Post Office Box 170 Knightsen, Ca. 94548