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Over the past one hundred years Knightsen has had problems with drainage of run off water. There was an attempt in the 1950's to correct and direct the run off properly. Back then development and rural life styles were quite different from today (in other words the community just dealt & accepted the problem ). At that time the government grant monies started the drainage project and the funds ran dry. Since then Marsh Creek has been improved and helped in relieving some run off however, today there has been a rampant amount of development in far East County along with a revival of the drainage and water quality problems we experience now. To create a legal entity to deal with these issues and at the same time protect our identity, the CSD has been addressed.

Knightsen has experienced several attempts to chizel away at it's identity and borders. This type of rampant growth if allowed to continue will take away our identity, change our use of the exisiting land, and create even more drainage problems. Fortunately, Knightsen's residents feel very strongly tied to Knightsen's and it's Identity.

With a Community Services District, Knightsen can manage, direct, and plan out it's own future for those services. In addittion, an established successful community services district can take on other tasks/services (with a vote of the people).   

Service District Meetings are every First Thursday of each Month. Meetings are held at the Knightsen School Room #24 ( off of North Eden Plains Rd.)  7:30 pm to 10:00 pm 1926 Delta Road , Knightsen Ca.